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beneath pale water

Set amidst the physical and psychological landscapes of New Zealand's southern high country Beneath Pale Water is a social realist and expressionistic novel that follows a triangle of three damaged individuals - a sculptor, a vagrant and a model - who have grown calcified shells against the world as their search for identity and resolution leads them into conflicts that threaten both their sanity and their lives.  As their  protective shells crack they are left vulnerable yet open to exploring new beginnings and new lives.

Beneath Pale Water is available to purchase from all good bookstores and from the Cloud Ink Press shop

Read a sample of Beneath Pale Water here.

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fresh ink

From the historical to the fantastical, the real to the surreal, this exciting new anthology of New Zealand fiction, poetry, and artwork presents the varied voices and styles of New Zealand writing at its best - exhibiting work from established and award-winning authors as well as some lively 'fresh ink' from previously unpublished literary voices.


Fresh Ink is available from Cloud Ink Press and all good bookstores.

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Fresh Ink 2021.PNG
fresh ink

A gorilla in the supermarket queue, trapped birds, a refugee child's drawing of an elephant with orthopedic shoes, pandemic anecdotes, small bowls that catch the sun, a flaking Elvis statue and an Antipodean sky.


fresh ink 2021 is an anthology of new writing presenting the varied voices of New Zealand writers as they respond to the experience of Covid-19 that has touched us all in some way.


Established and award-winning authors sit alongside some lively ‘fresh ink’ from previously-unpublished voices. The third in this popular series, fresh ink 2021 is an exciting anthology presenting new work from a diverse group of New Zealand writers, poets and artists as they reflect upon the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fresh Ink is available from Cloud Ink Press and all good bookstores.

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Housing in poems and prose

Edited by Adrienne Jansen, Joan Begg, Rebecca Chester, Wesley Hollis and Roman Ratcliff

More than a roof is about housing.  It's about nostalgia, anger, contentment, longing, fear and much more.  It brings together voices from across the spectrum - from those with no homes, those in emergency accommodation, in caravans, in cars, on boats, in rentals, or in their own house. Drawing together well-known writers and first time poets, it's a unique and timely collection.

More than a roof is available from Landing Press and all good bookstores.

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Te Kohu


Edited by Ann-Marie Houng Lee

The 82 poets who submitted poems containing the word 'mist' to the Kohukohu Library Poetry Prize run for 2022 National Poetry Day, judged by Robert Sullivan.

Te Kohu is available by emailing:
or from Kohukohu Library

Te Kohu.PNG

Contemporary Writing about Plants and Flowers

A unique collection of contemporary short stories exploring our deep attachment to flowers and plants and the meanings they hold

From tokens of love to neolithic burial gifts, bridal bouquets to seasonal wreaths, healing potions to artistic masterpieces, flowers and plants have a multitude of meanings and a long and complex relationship with all our lives. They are the stuff of myth, of gods’ metamorphoses and the emblems of kings and saints. They brighten our homes and bring joy to our senses, delight us in gardens and countryside, convey our emotions, symbolize new birth and human mortality, and yet are often overlooked as an inspiration for writers of fiction.

 This collection of contemporary fiction by new, emerging and experienced writers celebrates the world of flowers and plants and the meanings they hold, in twelve intriguing and surprising new short stories.

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